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Quality & Service Commitment!
With so many choices for Drum & Rotor products available in the market today, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish one program from another. The result unfortunately often becomes one of indifference, or worse yet an assumption that all programs offer like product and services. Inevitably, the lack of quantifiable differences leads to price focused purchasing decisions that more often than not lead to disappointing product performance and vendor support.

The Disc Master program offers several strong differentiators that cannot be matched in their entirety by any of our competitors, and we would like to share just a few of them with you:

  1. We are "The Source" - When you buy from Disc Master you are buying directly from the source.
  2. 100% Basic - Disc Master’s factory is the only Asian based manufacturer that is 100% basic in their product offering. If we sell it, it has been completely developed from raw materials to finished goods in our own foundries and machining facilities, to our exacting specifications. No exception, ever! No other factory can make that claim.
  3. Longevity – Disc Master has been distributing products from our Chicago based facility since 1991. In that time two key things have not happened:
    Disc Master consistently ships 95% or better.
    We are not aware of a single competitor that can factually make this claim!
  4. Measurable Quality – Because we are the only factory that can assure you that every piece of your order built by our own factory, we can also promise you that your purchased product will always meet or exceed the demanding standards of OEM G3000 (SAE J431). In addition, all of our factory facilities are ISO/TS16949 certified.
  5.  Products Ready To Install - - No additional machining is required!
  6. Flexibility (Custom private label packaging) – Disc Master has a proven track record of satisfying customer needs and wants. One of the reasons is due to domestic based corporate offices, which allow customers to deal directly with the decision makers. No middleman! As your market situations change, we are ready and willing to enable program adaptations (i.e. product, package, part number, label, invoicing, shipping, etc.) to help you meet emerging opportunities.
  7. English Speaking – Ever try to deal directly with foreign suppliers who do not fully understand what you are trying to communicate to them? Or, that give answers in a language that you don’t understand clearly? If you have, then you already know the significance of having a common primary language base.
  8. New Numbers / Worldwide Market Coverage – Disc Master currently offers 925 sku’s of Drum & Rotors in their North American program, which equates to approximately 99% domestic market coverage. Disc Master also offers full line coverage for European, German, Asian, Caribbean, South American and Australian customer markets as well. If we do not supply a product to fit your need, we have the capability to develop new numbers from raw materials to delivered product within a six-week period of time. So customers are always assured of having the products they need on a timely basis, as market demands change.
At Disc Master, we understand that price is a key component of any existing, and potentially new customer need. We do ask however, that as you crunch your numbers and perform the necessary line analysis, that you also take into consideration the aforementioned. Successful, healthy, satisfying and enduring vendor relationships are based on much more than price alone. We want to be a lifetime partner to our customers, and have built a program that will permit this.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you, and sincerely hope that you will permit us the chance to show you why….Why Disc Master Drums & Rotors?
Shawn Kohan
Disc Master, Inc.