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Disc Master GEO Coated Rotors
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Disc Master GEOMET Coated Rotors are a direct replacement rotors for your factory brake system and stock calipers.

Key Features:

  • Geomet environmentally safe coating prevents rust
  • Meets strict European standards
  • Does not contain Cr6+ (Hexavalent Chromium) hazardous substances
  • Full machining
  • Mill balancing within OE tolerances
  • 500-hour salt spray corrosion testing - over 4X longer than typical corrosion tests
  • Every Disc Master Performance Rotor is a direct replacement for a factory brake rotor, allowing the retention of factory calipers for the vehicle's system.
Key Benefits:

They look better: GEO Rotors minimizes rusting and keeps your rotors looking good.
Excellent High temperature resistance: The coating can withstand up to 750F (400C) while still providing excellent corrosion resistance without crystallization during heat cycles or formation of organic resins.
Environmentally conscious coating: There is no chromium in the solution and since it is applied in a closed system, the leftover liquid is recycled. During curing, the only thing that evaporates is water, not chemicals.
Thin and non-greasy: The GEOMET coating is thin and non-greasy which makes it a great benefit where the rotors are handled, shipped, and stored before being delivered to the customer.

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