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Castings inspection

We start by using only the best materials and check for correct metallurgical composition, tensile strength and hardness. Then we test to make sure all castings are made to OEM G3000 (SAEJ431) standards.

  • Additional alloy elements such as chromium & copper are added to achieve maximum life and strength.
  • Precisely machined concentric bearing cups reduce bearing abrasion and prevent wobble.
  • Application with wheel studs, bearings and ABS rings are all manufactured to O.E. specifications.
  • Castings include heat dam where specified by O.E. to help insulate bearing from excessive heat.
State of the Art Machining

State of the art CNC machining equipment is used to ensure we produce top quality product to include the following:

  • Ultra smooth braking surface meets O.E. specifications of 15-80 RMS, thus reducing noise and extending pad life.
  • Thickness variation is within .0005" to eliminate brake pedal pulsation.
  • Lateral run-out is within .004".
  • Brake surface flatness is within .002".
  • Precisely processed smooth parallel brake surfaces are held within .0001" radially to ensure consistent brake performance.
  • Products are roll edge marked for complete traceability under QS9000 & TUV standards.
  • Precision balanced to guarantee vibration free performance.
  • All products are machined to an ultra fine non-directional finish and are ready to install - - No additional machining is required!!
Superior Packaging

  • All drums & rotors are packaged in corrugated double-edge boxes to eliminate premature warpage.
  • Drums & Rotors are treated with environmentally friendly anti-rust oil and individually Polly-bag wrapped for extended shelf life.
  • All products are bar coded with a multi-number label for easy reference.
  • Private label packaging is available.