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Disc Master, Inc. was founded by Shawn Kohan in the early spring of 1991 in Chicago, Illinois as a full line supplier of Drums & Rotors. With soaring U.S. market demand for broader line coverage's, stabilized quality and faster access to lower cost Asian made automotive products, Disc Master seized the opportunity in 1995 by turning their focus to direct manufacturing ownership in China; thus providing ultimate control over the manufacturing and shipping processes. This was soon supported by the development of a China based logistics office, and added personnel to oversee product enhancements specific to U.S. customer needs.

Since the company's conception nearly 16 years ago, Disc Master, Inc. has seen many changes. Internal change as a result of incredible sales growth, numerous capital improvement and operational expansion projects, to external factors like changes in the international supply chain structure, world economy, and product portability. Disc Master, Inc. has continued to adapt in terms of product availability, program offerings, and service, as necessary to meet the needs of the customer.

Although these changes have continued to sculpture the face of the company over the years, one thing has remained constant "Disc Master's mission, a mission that strongly reflects the ownerships commitment to the customer, and which is the lifeblood of the company's success. Simply put, "Disc Master, Inc.'s mission is to provide superior products and service, at a minimal cost to its customers". This initiative has never wavered.

The company's quest to become the premier provider of quality brake products has propelled Disc Master into a position as a global supplier of a full range of brake related products. Now, with a well-established joint ownership of manufacturing operations in China, an expanded Asian divisional corporate office, as well as a strong network of European affiliates, Disc Master is well structure to address ever-increasing global market demands. Unique in the absence of Chinese governmental ownership, the Disc Master factory can control every step of the manufacturing and delivery process. Ensuring that its customers will consistently be provided with the safety, cost and quality that they expect on a timely basis, each and every time they purchase Disc Master products.

Today, Disc Master's product offering includes 925 sku's of Drum & Rotors, 800 sku's of late model Premium Disc Pads and over 500 Economy Pads. (semi-metallic pads, all slotted and chamfered). Also, over 550 sku's of brake hardware kits, and soon a full line of Ceramic Disc Pads.

All product manufacturing is supported by the prestigious ISO/TS16949 certification, by TÜV Rhineland, Germany. Thus, ensuring that Disc Master products are manufactured to the highest level of sustainable quality, using only the best metallurgical and machining processes available worldwide.

All castings start using the highest available grade of base materials, focusing on composition, tensile strength and hardness. All finished goods are made to meet or exceed OEM G3000 (SAE J431) standards. The addition of alloy elements, such as chromium and copper, provide maximum life effectiveness and enduring product strength. Additionally, precisely machined concentric bearing cups are used to reduce bearing abrasion and to prevent rotor wobble. Applications with wheel studs, bearings and ABS rings are all manufactured to O.E. specifications, and where specified by O.E, heat dams are included to help insulate the bearing area from excessive heat.

State of the art CNC machining equipment with FUNAC and Mitsubishi software ensure that the following tolerances are met on each and every drum and rotor produced:

  • Ultra smooth surface, which meets O.E. specifications of 15-80 RMS.
  • Thickness variation held within .0005".
  • Lateral run out held to a maximum of .004".
  • Surface flatness to within .002".
  • Parallel braking surfaces held to within .0001".
In addition, all products are rolled-edged marked, offering complete product traceability. Precision balancing assures vibration and worry free performance. Direct from the box technology offers ready to install products, which do not require additional localized machining. Ultra fine non-directional finishing provides smoother pedal feel and trouble free operation after the installation.

Further, the cornerstone of the Disc Master program has always been the company's unparalleled support before, during, and after the sale. This tradition has allowed the company to continually achieve its mission, and has supported the successful growth initiatives of its customers.

Today, customers continue to be shipped either factory direct or serviced out of Disc Master?s Chicago, Illinois based distribution center. Currently, the 55,000 square foot Chicago facility is in the process of being expanded. In the upcoming months this location will nearly double in size as another 50,000 square feet of distribution floor space is added, for a total of 105,000 square feet. As well as a completely new onsite 80,000 sq. ft. facility already in the planning stages.

From modest beginnings, to unprecedented achievements, Disc Master has continued to service some of the most prestigious organizations in the automotive industry. With a continuing focus on emerging market opportunities, adaptation to parallel the ever-changing needs of the customer, to flexible program management, Disc Master, Inc. is certain to remain the source of choice for competitive, high quality brake system components.